Areas of Practice

Karen B. Moulding Law Offices provides premier representation in all matrimonial matters, including prenups, uncontested divorce with or without children, and the negotiation of sensitive and thorough separation agreements or parenting plans.

Providing representation in

Family Law:

   uncontested divorce,


   amicable separation agreements,

   prenuptial agreements,

   child custody,


   child support,

   spousal maintenance and alimony,

   property division.

    National expert and author on complexities in family law.

Alternative Family Law:

   same-sex couples,

   unmarried couples,

   parenting agreements,

   author of major law book on non-traditional families;




We understand that every divorce, child custody, support, property division, or visitation situation is unique. We'll give your case the individualized attention it needs to protect your custody, visitation or property rights, as well as the best interests of the children you love. Whether you need a no-stress prenuptial agreement ("prenup"), negotiation of an amicable  separation agreement or parenting plan, or a fast but error-free uncontested divorce, we'll strive to protect your rights and important relationships, without unnecessary legal maneuvers that waste the time and money of everyone involved.

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