Areas of Practice

Karen B. Moulding Law Offices provides premier representation in all matrimonial matters, from uncontested or contested divorce and the negotiation of air-tight separation agreements or parenting plans, through motion practice, trial, and  appeal. We also offer coverage of real estate closings, contracts and collections, and estates and other documents to protect your family, non-traditional family or property interests. A licensed real estate broker, Ms. Moulding can also help you locate your next home and with the legal details of your relocation.

Providing representation in

Family Law:

   contested and uncontested divorce,

   separation agreements from simple to complex,

   child custody,


   child support,

   spousal maintenance and alimony;


   matrimonial appeals on all issues,

   appeals from custody or support orders,

    national family law expert,

    national expert and author on complexities in family law;

Assisted Reproductive Technology:

   surrogacy agreements,

   sperm donation,

   egg donors (oocyte donation),

   the formation and protection of families using ART;

Alternative Family Law:

   same-sex couples,

   unmarried couples,

   parenting agreements,

   author of major law book on non-traditional families;

Real Estate Transactions:




   licensed real estate broker;

Family Law Protective Documents:

   living wills,


   documentation to protect family relationships and property.



We understand that every divorce, child custody, support or visitation case is unique. We'll give your case the individualized attention it needs, and develop a strategy to protect your custody, visitation or property rights, as well as the best interests of the children you love. Whether by careful negotiation of a separation agreement or parenting plan in an uncontested divorce or dissolution of a same-sex or non-married relationship, or by an aggressive trial or appeal, we'll stick by you to ensure that your unique relationships with your children, as well as your financial interests, are given the full hearing and protection you deserve.

Call to schedule an appointment to discuss your unique case or family law concern: 212-587-3300. Cell: 917-499-2267